CENTERIS - International Conference on ENTERprise Information Systems

In CENTERIS, Enterprise Information Systems will be addressed comprehensively from the technological, organizational and social perspectives, aiming at presenting, discussing and disseminating current developments, case studies, new integrated approaches and practical solutions and applications.

The conference is targeted to an academic audience (teachers, researchers and students, mainly from post-graduate studies), IT professionals and managers.

Overall objectives of the conference

  • To discuss the importance of Enterprise Information Systems and the emerging technological developments (information integration, enterprise integration, functionalities);
  • To introduce the state-of-the-art solutions and supported features;
  • To present and discuss practical solutions;
  • To discuss the open source movement: opportunities, trends, risks, advantages and disadvantages;
  • To discuss integrated solutions;
  • To introduce and discuss the challenges or difficulties associated with the social, organizational and technological perspectives;
  • To discuss organizational and social implications;
  • To discuss motivations, problems and critical success factors on the adoption of Enterprise Information Systems;
  • To discuss management issues and challenges;
  • To discuss the future trends of Enterprise Information Systems.

  • Publications

    Authors of selected papers will be invited to extend their papers for publication in international journals and in edited books.

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