CENTERIS - Conference on ENTERprise Information Systems

DAY 1 - November 8th

Opening Session(Nov. 8 Wed - 16h30 - 17h00)

Keynote Session 1 (Nov. 8 Wed - 17h00 - 18h30)

Totally cloud! Why using cloud services is strategic for civil engineers like Vössing, Bernd Gewehr, Head of Information Technology, Vössing, Germany.

DAY 2 - November 9

Parallel Session 1A (CENTERIS) (Nov. 9 Thu - 09h30 - 11h00)

Extending CMMN With Entity Life Cycles, Giorgio Bruno

An Agile Business Process And Practice Meta-Model, Marielba Zacarias, Paula V Martins, António Gonçalves

Modelling IoT Behaviour Within BPMN Business Processes, Francisco Martins, Dulce Domingos

BPFlexTemplate: A Software Tool To Derive Flexible Process Model Templates, Ricardo Martinho, Sonia Ayachi Ghannouchi, Latifa Ilahi

BPMN4KM: Design and Implementation of a BPMN Extension for Modeling the Knowledge Perspective of Sensitive Business Processes, Mariam Ben Hassen, Molka Keskes, Mohamed Turki, Faïez Gargouri

Parallel Session 2A (CENTERIS) (Nov. 9 Thu - 11h30 - 13h00)

An Agile Business Process Improvement Methodology, Paula Martins, Marielba Zacarias

A Framework For Business Process Data Management Based On Big Data Approach, Asma Hassani, Sonia Ayachi Ghannouchi

Extracting And Conserving Production Data As Test Cases In Executable Business Process Architectures, Daniel Lübke

The Temporal Dimension Of Business Processes - Dealing With Time Constraints, José Pereira, João Varajão

Parallel Session 3A (CENTERIS) (Nov. 9 Thu - 14h30 - 16h30)

To Be The Hub Or Not: Explaining The Diffusion Of Communication Apps, Stefan Koch, Kemal Altinkemer

Customized X-Learning Environment: Social Networks & Knowledge-Sharing Tools, Fernando Moreira, Anabela Mesquita, Paula Peres

Exploring A Complexity Framework For Digital Inclusion Interventions, Arturo Serrano-Santoyo, Veronica Rojas-Mendizabal

Why Virtual Teams Work – State Of The Art, Birgit Großer

Sbi: A Platform For Supporting Industry 4.0 Moulds Mass Production, Rui Rijo, Ricardo Martinho, Nuno Fonseca, Dulce Gonçalves, Carlos Antunes, Cátia Ledesma, Bruno Pureza, José Brites, Joel Santos, João Viana, Luís Maurício, Nuno Morgado, Rui Vieira

Parallel Session 4A (CENTERIS) (Nov. 9 Thu - 17h00 - 19h00)

Categorizing The Business Risks Of Social Media, Susam Williams, Verena Hausmann

The Privacy Paradox In The Data-Driven Marketplace: The Role Of Knowledge Deficiency And Psychological Distance, Ruwan Bandara, Mario Fernando, Shahriar Akter

Iress: Identification Of Requirements For Enterprise Social Software, Johannes H. Glitsch, Petra Schubert

Social Network Of Business Objects (SoNBO): An Innovative Concept For Information Integration In Enterprise Systems, Bernd Gewehr, Berit Gebel-Sauer, Petra Schubert

Specification For The Cooperative Dimension Of The Bid Process Information System, Sahbi Zahaf

Parallel Session 1B (CENTERIS) (Nov. 9 Thu - 09h30 - 11h00)

Business Intelligence And Analytics In Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises: A Systematic Literature Review, Marilex Rea Llave

Clinical Intelligence: A Study On Corneal Transplantation, Brian Carneiro, Filipe Portela, António Abelha, Manuel Filipe Santos

Anomaly Detection In Roads With A Data Mining Approach, Nuno Silva, João Soares, Vaibhav Shah, Maribel Yasmina Santos, Helena Rodrigues

The Current State Of Fake News: Challenges And Opportunities, Álvaro Figueira, Luciana Oliveira

Knowledge Discovery From Surgical Waiting Lists, Hugo Peixoto

Parallel Session 2B (CENTERIS) (Nov. 9 Thu - 11h30 - 13h00)

Improving Organizational Decision Support: Detection Of Outliers And Sales Prediction For A Pharmaceutical Distribution Company, Augusto Ribeiro

A System For The Monitoring And Predicting Of Data In Precision Agriculture In A Rose Greenhouse Based On Wireless Sensor Networks, Schubert Rodríguez, Tatiana Gualotuña, Carlos Grilo

Sourcing Trends Predictions – An Analysis Of Regions And Strategies, Björn Johansson, Oskar Hallen, Andreas Persson, Rasmus Tarland

The Impact Of Integration Quality On Customer Equity In Data Driven Omnichannel Services Marketing, Tasnim M Taufique Hossain, Shahriar Akter, Uraiporn Kattiyapornpong, Samuel Fosso Wamba

Parallel Session 3B (CENTERIS) (Nov. 9 Thu - 14h30 - 16h30)

Modeling Neutrosophic Data By Self-Organizing Feature Map: Manets Data Case Study, Haitham Elwahsh, Mona Gamal, Ahmed Salama, Ibrahim Elhenawy

Identifying New Directions In Database Performance Tuning, Derek Colley, Clare Stanier

Big Data, Analytic Culture And Analytic-Based Decision Making - Evidence From Australia, Usarat Thirathon, Bernhard Wieder, Zoltan Matolcsy, Maria Luise Ossimitz

Improving The Benchmarking Of Social Media Content Strategies Using Clustering And Kpi, Luciana Oliveira, Álvaro Figueira

Why Is Empowerment Important In Big Data Analytics?, Saradhi Motammarri, Shahriar Akter, Venkata Yanamandram, Samuel Fosso Wamba

Parallel Session 4B (CENTERIS) (Nov. 9 Thu - 17h00 - 19h00)

Modelling Strategic Alignment Of Business And It Through Enterprise Architecture: Augmenting Archimate With BMM, Prithvi Bhattacharya

Bridging It Requirements To Competitive Advantage: The Concept Of IT Value Planning, Christof Gellweiler

Challenges In Integrating Product-It Into Enterprise Architecture – A Case Study, Julia Kaidalova, Ulf Seigerroth, Kurt Sandkuhl

Enterprise Architecture Management Challenges In The Norwegian Health Sector, Dag H. Olsen

Parallel Session 1C (ProjMAN) (Nov. 9 Thu - 09h30 - 11h00)

Implementation Of A Risk Management Simulation Tool, Zakari Tsiga, Michael Emes, Alan Smith

Risks Of Abandonment In Residential Projects Caused By Subcontractors, Borvorn Israngkura Na Ayudhya

A Mathematical Model To Select The Risk Response Strategies Of The Construction Projects: Case Study Of Saba Tower, Esmail Cheraghi, Mohammad Khalilzadeh, Sirous Shojaei, Shakib Zohrehvandi

A Multi-Objective Fuzzy Project Selection Problem Considering Social Responsibility And Risk, Mohammad Khalilzadeh, Kayvan Salehi

Measures To Counteract Work-Related Crime - Airport Developments In Norway, Marianne Skovly, Alida Rundhovde Mørenskog, Atle Engebø, Ola Lædre, Jardar Lohne

The S-Curve Envelope As A Tool For Monitoring And Control Of Projects, Jose Ramon San Cristobal

Parallel Session 2C (ProjMAN) (Nov. 9 Thu - 11h30 - 13h00)

Taxonomy Of The Project Portfolio Risks - An Empirical Investigation, Mariusz Hofman, Grzegorz Grela

Exploring Ad-Hoc Portfolio Management: Does It Work, And Is It The Flexibility That Supports Project Portfolio Management?, Adrian Hepworth, Fotios Misopoulos, Vicky Manthou, Ronald Dyer, Roula Michaelides

Handling Project Dependencies In Portfolio Management, Gozde Bilgin, Gorkem Eken, Beste Ozyurt

Embracing Paradox And Conflict: Towards A Conceptual Model To Drive Project Portfolio Ambidexterity, Clare O'Dwyer

Project Portfolio Management: An Enabler For Mitigating The Impact Of The Price Volatility Of Oil In The Oil And Gas Industry, Joy Awak, Athanasios Nikas

Parallel Session 3C (ProjMAN) (Nov. 9 Thu - 14h30 - 16h30)

Conflict Management Style Of Team Leaders In Multi-Cultural Work Environment In The Construction Industry, Amin Akhavan Tabassi, David James Bryde, Aldrin Abdullah, Maria Argyropoulouc

Coordination In Multi-Team Programmes: An Investigation Of The Group Mode In Large-Scale Agile Software Development, Torgeir Dingsøyr

The Customer Effect In Agile System Development Projects. A Process Tracing Case Study, Bjørnar Tessem

Contribution Of Talent Analytics In Change Management Within Project Management Organizations The Case Of The French Aerospace Sector, Julie N'Cho

Does One Size Of Agile Method Fit All Software Projects?, Itzik David

Parallel Session 4C (ProjMAN) (Nov. 9 Thu - 17h00 - 19h00)

Drivers And Consequences Of Identity Abuse In The Aec-Industry, Yara Louisa Richani

A Problem-Centered Analysis Of Enterprise Social Software Projects, Alexander Forstner, Dietmar Nedbal

Development Of The Intelligent Platform Of Technical Systems Modernization At Different Stages Of The Life Cycle, Alexey Kizim, Anna Matokhina, Dmitry Skvaznikov, Vitaly Malikov, Alexandr Aleshkevich

Syn4Data: A Novel Analytical And Visualization Online Tool For The Description And Synthesis Of Scientific Research Topics, Daniel Dias, Julio Souza, Antóno Soares, Altamiro Costa-Pereira

Climate Adaptation Of Public Buildings Through Mom – A Case Study, Steinar Grynning

Parallel Session 1D (HCist) (Nov. 9 Thu - 09h30 - 11h00)

Information Technology In The Process Of Managing Polypharmacy In Elderly Patients, Emilia Sarmento, Maria João Monteiro

Improving Electronic Medical Records With Support Of Human Computer Interaction In Medical Information Systems, Ekaterina Bolgova, Nadezhda Zvartau, Sergey Kovalchuk, Marina Balakhontceva, Oleg Metsker

Evaluation Of Open Source Medical Imaging Software: A Case Study On Health Technology Student Learning Experience, Kari Björn

Satisfaction Evaluation Of Health Professionals In The Usability Of Software For Monitoring The Tuberculosis Treatment, Nathalia Crepaldi, Inacia Lima, Fernanda Vicentine, Lídia Rodrigues, Verena Yamaguti

Proposal Of A Gold Standard Database Model Of Adverse Drug Reactions Reports, Lídia Rodrigues, Fabrício Da Silva, Ricardo João Correia, Rui Rijo, Domingos Alves

Parallel Session 2D (HCist) (Nov. 9 Thu - 11h30 - 13h00)

Design Of A Knowledge-Based Agent As A Social Companion, Leo Wanner, Elisabeth André, Josep Blat, Stamatia Dasiopoulou, Mireia Farrús

Iconography’S Development For A Seniors’ Itv Informative Platform, Telmo Silva

Automatic Creation Of Informative Tv Videos To Be Delivered Through Itv: A System Architecture, Telmo Silva

A Study To Understand The Acceptance Of DICOM Structured Reports On Breast Imaging, Liliana Tribuna, Augusto Silva, Pedro Sá Couto, Luis Bastião

Development And Evaluation Of An Interoperable System Based On The Semantic Web To Enhance The Management Of Patients’ Tuberculosis Data, Felipe Carvalho Pellison, Rui Pedro Charters Lopes Rijo, Vinícius Costa Lima, Domingos Alves, Ricardo Martinho

Parallel Session 3D (HCist) (Nov. 9 Thu - 14h30 - 16h30)

Potential Stakeholders And Perceived Benefits Of A Digital Health Innovation Ecosystem For The Namibian Context, Gloria Ejehiohen Iyawa

Development And Proposal Of A Reference Tool For Semi-Structured Interviews For The Characterization Of The Management In Mental Health Networks, André Vinci, Rui Rijo, João Mazzoncini De Azevedo Marques, Domingos Alves

Exploring User Behaviours When Providing Electronic Consent On Health Social Networks: A ‘Just Tick Agree’ Approach, Ciara Heavin

Development And Validation Of A Pharmacoeconomic Tool For Decision Making In The Implementation Of Pharmaceutical Care For Hypertensive Patients In The Brazilian Public Health System (Sus), Maurílio Cazarim, Rodrigo Reis, Olívia Wu, Rui Rijo, André Vinci

Parallel Session 4D (HCist) (Nov. 9 Thu - 17h00 - 19h00)

Data-Driven Modeling Of Clinical Pathways Using Electronic Health Records, Anastasia Funkner

Quality Assessment Of An Emergency Care Process Model Based On Static And Dynamic Metrics, Ghada Haouari, Sonia Ayachi Ghannouchi

Multimodal Approach For Polysensory Stimulation And Diagnosis Of Subjects With Severe Communication Disorders, Andrzej Czyżewski, Bożena Kostek, Adam Kurowski, Piotr Szczuko, Michał Lech

Towards KPI-Based Health Care Process Improvement, Emna Ammar El Hadj Amor, Sonia Ayachi Ghannouchi

Posters Session (Nov. 9 Thu - 19h00 - 20h00)

Business And Is Alignment: Maximizing Return On Investment In Information Systems Investment Decisions In Telecommunications Industry, Babatunde Adelabu, Vitor Santos, Jorge Pereira

Function: The Foundation Of Secure Web Development, Orven Llantos

Concept Of Specific Competency In The Portuguese Air Force, João Bonifácio

Merit Evaluation, Rui Pires

The Impact Of Business Intelligence Maturity And Organizational Culture On Organizational Performance: Preliminary Research, Mirjana Pejic-Bach, Mojca Indihar Štemberger, Dalia Suša Vugec

Knowledge Technology To Support Family Business, Lubos Popelinsky

A Model-Driven Approach To Risk Management For Information Security, Anacleto Correia

Vision And Recommendations To Manage And Control It Projects With Iso20K, António Marcelino, Vitor Santos

Scheduling On-Going Research And Development Projects, Ran Etgar

Risk Assessment With Tow Traditional And Agile Approaches With A Case Study (Installing Smart Meters On Water Wells), Shirin Kazemimahyari, Razieh Sadeghi, Mohammad Khalilzadeh

Development Of A System For Antenatal And Labour Care Of Pregnant Women In The Brazilian Private Health System, Mariana Marques, Livia Oliveira-Ciabati, Nathalia Crepaldi, Joao Paulo Souza, Rui Pedro Charters Lopes Rijo

Protocol Of Studies For The Development Of A Platform For Registration Of Medical Images Through Smartphone: The Case Auto-Administration Of Medication In The Application Of Dots In Tuberculosis, Luiz Santos, Rui Rijo, Nathalia Crepaldi, Domingos Alves, Antonio Ruffino

Development Of A Lightweight And Adaptable Clinical Terminology Server, Newton Shydeo Brandão Miyoshi, João Mazzoncini De Azevedo Marques, Domingos Alves, Paulo Mazzoncini De Azevedo Marques

Posture Evaluation During Transfer Assistance Using The Finite Element Method (Two-Dimensional Analysis), Ken Ikuhisa

Feasibility Analysis Of A Matrix Of Mental Health Indicators For Evidence-Based Management: A Research Protocol, Inacia Lima, André Vinci, Rui Rijo, Domingos Alves, Regina Furegato

DAY 3 - November 10

Keynote Session 2 (Nov. 10 Fri - 12h00 - 13h00)

Collective inteligence and health system, Josep Monguet, Barcelona Tech., Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain

Parallel Session 5A (CENTERIS) (Nov. 10 Fri - 08h30 - 10h00)

Motivations And Barriers For End-User Adoption Of Bitcoin As Digital Currency, Wanda Presthus, Nicholas Owen O'Malley

Key Issues For The Successful Adoption Of Cloud Computing, Teofilo Junior, Filipe Sá-Soares, Alfonso Rivero

From Water To Energy: Low Cost Water & Energy Consumptions Readings, António Cunha, Elisabete Silva, Francisco Pereira, Ana Briga-Sá, Sandra Pereira

Forum Participation Plugin For Moodle: Development And Discussion, Andres Munoz, Ramiro Delgado, Enrique Rubio, Carlos Grilo, Vitor Basto-Fernandes

The Acceptance Of Cloud Computing For It Workers In Thailand, Sureerut Inmor

Parallel Session 6A (CENTERIS) (Nov. 10 Fri - 10h30 - 12h00)

A Continuous Approach To Improve It Management, Shuichiro Yamamoto

The Development Of A Hard And Soft It Governance Assessment Instrument, Daniel Smits, Jos Van Hillegersberg

A Survival Analysis Of The Japanese Information Service Industry, Seigo Matsuno

A Comparison Of Cybersecurity Risk Analysis Tools, Gabriela Roldán-Molina, Mario Almache-Cueva, Vitor Basto-Fernandes, Carlos Silva-Rabadão, Iryna Yevseyeva

Can A Small City Be Considered A Smart City?, Isabel Lopes, Pedro Oliveira

Parallel Session 7A (CENTERIS) (Nov. 10 Fri - 14h30 - 16h30)

The Effect Of Representational Ui Design Quality Of Mobile Shopping Applications On Users’ Intention To Shop, Wonjin Jung Jung

What’s The “Thing” In Internet Of Things In Grocery Shopping? A Customer Approach, Asle Fagerstrøm, Niklas Eriksson, Valdimar Sigurðsson

Very High Resolution Aerial Data To Support Multi-Temporal Precision Agriculture Information Management, Luís Pádua, Telmo Adão, Jonáš Hruška, Joaquim João Sousa, Emanuel Peres

The Relationship Between Young Consumers’ Decision-Making Styles And Propensity To Shop Clothing Online With A Smartphone, Niklas Eriksson, Carl-Johan Rosenbröijer, Asle Fagerstrøm

Automated Lineament Analysis To Assess The Geodynamic Activity Areas, Dinara Talgarbayeva

Parallel Session 8A (CENTERIS) (Nov. 10 Fri - 17h00 - 19h00)

Gamification Of Enterprise Systems: A Lifecycle Approach, Ola El-Telbany

The Online Organization, Tiago Santos, Ana Telha, Carlos Páscoa

Improvement Of Processes In Managing The Organizational Climate And Work-Related Quality Of Life In A Public-Sector Research Company, Marcos Ferreira, Andre Yves Cribb, Saulo Barbará, Marcelo Salles Ferreira

Towards An Unified Information Systems Reference Model For Higher Education Institutions, Felix Sanchez-Puchol

Governance Lifecycles Of Inter-Organizational Collaboration: A Case Study Of The Port Of Rotterdam, Dissa Chandra, Jos Van Hillegersberg

It Governance Structures In Brazilian, Dutch And Portuguese Universities, Isaias Scalabrin Bianchi, Rui Dinis Sousa, Rúben Pereira, Edimara Luciano

Parallel Session 5B (CENTERIS) (Nov. 10 Fri - 08h30 - 10h00)

Analysis Of The Documentation Of ERP Software Projects, Lerina Aversano, Daniela Guardabasci, Maria Tortorella

Differences In ERP Value Between Iberian Manufacturing And Services Smes, Pedro Ruivo, Jorge Carrola Rodrigues, Björn Johansson, Tiago Oliveira, Jorge Rebelo

User Resistance In ERP Implementations: A Literature Review, Moutaz Haddara, Henrik Moen

ERP II Is Dead- Long Live CRM, Moutaz Haddara, Angelo Constantini

Parallel Session 6B (CENTERIS) (Nov. 10 Fri - 10h30 - 12h00)

Does It Matter The Loss Of Tacit Knowledge In IT Outsourcing? A Study In A Swedish Governmental Agency, Georg Hodosi, Daniel Johansson, Lazar Rusu

Exploring Mechanisms Underlying Lock-In In Large Infrastructure Projects: A Management Perspective, Ermal Hetemi, Joaquin Ordieres, Cali Nuur, Mats Engwall

Organisational Factors Affecting Cloud Computing Adoption In Small And Medium Enterprises (Smes) In Service Sector, Haslinda Hassan

Acceptance Criteria In A Promotional Tourism Demarketing Plan, Maria José Magalhães, Sérgio Tenreiro De Magalhaes, Carlos Rodrigues

Parallel Session 7B (ProjMAN) (Nov. 10 Fri - 14h30 - 16h30)

Planning Project Closure Phase In Combined Cycle Power Plant Projects, Shakib Zohrehvandi, Mohammad Khalilzadehb, Maryam Hajizadeh, Esmail Cheraghi

Sustainable Roads In Serengeti National Park: - Gravel Roads Construction And Maintenance, Michael Tarimo, Paulos Wondimu, James Odeck, Jardar Lohne, Ola Lædre

Pmo Conceptualization For Engineering And Construction Businesses, Catarina Oliveira, Anabela Tereso, Gabriela Fernandes

Towards The Development Of A Methodology For Managing Industrialization Projects, Deborah Perrotta De Andrade, Madalena Araújo, Gabriela Fernandes, Anabela Tereso

Parallel Session 8B (ProjMAN) (Nov. 10 Fri - 17h00 - 19h00)

Analysis Of Knowledge Transfer Practices: Insights From A Medical Device Manufacturing Organization, Kathryn Cormican

Knowledge Sharing At The Construction Sector – Facilitators And Inhibitors, Sandra Pereira Cunha, Carmem Leal, Iolanda Couto

Learning By Doing: Public And Private Search For Quick Delivery And Sustainability In Building Projects, Andreas Økland, Agnar Johansen, Eli Tufto, Iver-Erik Kylling

Pursuing Value Creation In Construction By Research -A Study Of Applied Research Methodologies, Amin Haddadi, Ali Hosseini, Agnar Johansen, Nils Olsson

Parallel Session 5C (ProjMAN) (Nov. 10 Fri - 08h30 - 10h00)

Gender Influence In Project Management: Analysis Of A Case Study Based On Master Students, Patricia Rodríguez López, Vicente Rodríguez Montequín, Henar Morán Palacios, Lorena De Arriba Rodríguez

Rethinking Project Management: A Humanistic Approach Based On Design Thinking, Natalie Ewin, Jo Luck, Ritesh Chugh, Jacqueline Jarvis

Simulation Of The Influence Of Different Ways Of Setting The Restraint On Value Of Construction Company, Jana Korytárová, Bohumil Puchýř, Kateřina Božiková, Michal Špiroch

Complexity In Project Management, Jose Ramon San Cristobal

Parallel Session 6C (ProjMAN) (Nov. 10 Fri - 10h30 - 12h00)

Projects Selection And Prioritization: A Portuguese Navy Pilot Model, Ricardo Simplício, Jorge Gomes, Mário Romão

Critical Success Factors For Projects In The Petroleum Industry, Zakari Tsiga

Value Driver And Its Impact On Operational Profit In Construction Company, Eva Vítková

Success Factors For Business Process Improvement Projects In Small And Medium Sized Enterprises – Empirical Evidence, Patrick Lückmann, Carsten Feldmann

A Method For Measuring The Success Of Collaborative University-Industry R&D Funded Contracts, Gabriela Fernandes

Parallel Session 7C (ProjMAN) (Nov. 10 Fri - 14h30 - 16h30)

Standardization And Modularization Of Prisons, Andreas Økland, Teresa Beste, Endre Gjesteby, Agnar Johansen

Relational Base Contracts – Needs And Trends In Northern Europe, Ali Hosseini, Amin Haddadi, Bjørn Andersen, Nils Olsson, Ola Laedre

Enablers For Considering Sustainability In Projects; The Perspective Of The Supplier, Rutger Peenstra

Best Value Procurement - The Practical Approach In The Netherlands, Arnoud Storteboom, Paulos Wondimu, Jardar Lohne, Ola Lædre

Parallel Session 8C (ProjMAN) (Nov. 10 Fri - 17h00 - 19h00)

A Heuristic Algorithm For Project Scheduling With Fuzzy Parameters, Mohammad Khalilzadeh, Hedieh Shakeri, Hadis Gholami, Leila Amini, Zahra Aliasghari

Project Planning And Control In Social And Solidarity Economy Organizations: A Literature Review, Thierry Marier-Bienvenue, Luc Cassivi, Robert Pellerin

Investigating Schedule Deviation In Construction Projects Through Root Cause Analysis, Pei-Yuan Hsu, Marco Aurisicchio, Panagiotis Angeloudis

Collaborative Research To Improve Time Planning And Management In Projects, Anandasivakumar Ekambaram, Trine Marie Stene, Agnar Johansen

Parallel Session 5D (HCist) (Nov. 10 Fri - 08h30 - 10h00)

Sisprenacel – Mhealth Tool To Empower Prenacel Strategy, Livia Oliveira-Ciabati, Domingos Alves, Francisco Barbosa-Junior, Elisabeth Meloni Vieira, Joao Paulo Souza

Business Intelligence Success Applied To Healthcare Information Systems, Rikke Gaardboe, Tom Nyvang, Niels Sandalgaard

A Ground-Up Approach To Mhealth In Nigeria: A Study Of Primary Healthcare Workers’ Attitude To Mhealth Adoption, Ciara Heavin

Pictogram-Based Mobile First Medical Aid Communicator, Krzysztof Wołk, Agnieszka Wolk, Krzysztof Marasek, Wojciech Glinkowski

Mobile Health To Support Ageing In Place: A Synoptic Overview, Nelson Rocha

Parallel Session 6D (HCist) (Nov. 10 Fri - 10h30 - 12h00)

Machine Enhanced Translation Of The Human Phenotype Ontology Project, Agnieszka Wolk, Krzysztof Wolk

Vocal Acoustic Analysis – Classification Of Dysphonic Voices With Artificial Neural Networks, João Paulo Teixeira, Paula Odete Fernandes, Nuno Alves

Empirical Thresholding Logistic Regression Model Based On Unbalanced Cardiac Patient Data, Iris Reychav, Lin Zhu, Roger Mchaney, Yaron Arbel

Multiscale Modeling Of Comorbidity Relations In Hypertensive Outpatients, Marina Balakhontceva, Nikita Bukhanov, Sergey Kovalchuk, Nadezhda Zvartau, Aleksandra Konradi

Parallel Session 7D (HCist) (Nov. 10 Fri - 14h30 - 16h30)

From Guidelines To Decision-Making: Using Mobile Applications And Semantic Web In The Practical Case Of Guides To Support Patients, Vinicius Lima, Rui Rijo, Felipe Pellison, Ricardo De Lima, Ricardo Correia

A Multi-Model Approach In Developing An Intelligent Assistant For Diagnosis Recommendation In Clinical Health Systems, Christian Pulmano, Ma. Regina Justina Estuar

Infodemiology For Syndromic Surveillance Of Dengue And Typhoid Fever In The Philippines, Kennedy Espina, Maria Regina Justina Estuar

How To Sort Trustworthy Health Online Information? Improvements Of The Automated Detection Of Honcode Criteria, Célia Boyer, Cédric Frossard, Arnaud Gaudinat, Allan Hanbury, Gilles Falquet

Parallel Session 8D (HCist) (Nov. 10 Fri - 17h00 - 19h00)

An Interactive Thought Visualization Tool For Insomnia Treatment, Begum Erten Uyumaz

Automated Medical Articles Analysis For Human Genetic Diagnostic, Emilia Zawadzka-Gosk, Krzysztof Wołk, Krzysztof Marasek

Towards Identifying Of Effective Personalized Antihypertensive Treatment Rules From Electronic Health Records Data Using Classification Methods: Initial Model, Anna Semakova, Nadezhda Zvartau, Klavdiya Bochenina, Aleksandra Konradi

Data Quality In Tuberculosis: The Case Study Of Two Ambulatories In The State Of São Paulo, Brazil, Verena Yamaguti, Fernanda Vicentine, Inacia Lima, Laís Zago, Lídia Rodrigues

Plenary Session & Closing Session (Nov. 10 Fri - 19h00 - 19h30)